Posted by: Rick Jones | March 11, 2010

Internet Marketing and Business Development

Many successful athletes will say they practice “seeing” themselves winning the race, hitting the home run or scoring the touchdown. They actually visualize a future event which gives them the impetus to make the goal.

How many of these six characteristics are yours? The more you have, the higher degree of chance you will be doing more business in the near future and coming years instead of being one of the thousands of Internet Marketing Consultants that has failed and or making pennies on the dollar and constantly on the treadmill.

Successful Business People:

Constantly set higher goals

Avoid “comfort zones”

Driven by accomplishments, not money

Solve problems and not place blame

Look at the best and worst possible scenario’s

Rehearse the future as they see it

Our training platform teaches this and much more. Helping every Team Member reach successful Internet Marketing and or Business development is our commitment.

Why wait, let us show you NOW how to leverage your time for money using the internet.

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What do you have to lose? An invitation to a truly great opportunity? Get the information now and decide for yourself…….

Your Friend On The Inside,

Rick Jones


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